Descendants of Peter Bartel

Third Generation

9. Henry Bartel ""Sick Bartel"" (Heinrich , Peter ) was born on 3/24/1872 in Spiolle, Russian Poland.

Henry married Martha Schmalz daughter of Johann Schmalz and Augusta (Athillia) Gnader on 12/24/1899. Martha was born on 8/23/1881 in Schelona, Ploz, Russian Poland.

They had the following children:

+ 23 M i Leonard Bartel was born on 11/3/1907.
  24 M ii Henry Bartel was born on 3/8/1902.
  25 F iii Emma Bartel was born on 4/28/1903.
  26 M iv John Bartel was born on 4/29/1910.
  27 F v Martha Bartel was born on 7/13/1912.
  28 F vi Frieda Bartel was born on 11/22/1914.
  29 M vii Otto Bartel was born on 4/25/1917.
  30 M viii Edwin Bartel was born on 11/13/1919. He died on 3/9/1921. The cause of death was Diptheria.
  31 F ix Eva Bartel was born on 7/21/1924.
  32 F x Martha Bartel was born in 1901 in At sea. She died in 1901 in At sea. She was buried in 1901 in At sea.
  33 xi Baby2 Bartel.
  34 xii Baby3 Bartel.

10. David Bartel ""the rich Bartels"" (Heinrich , Peter ) was born in 1871 in Spiole, Poland.

David married Karlina.

They had the following children:

  35 M i David Bartel.
  36 M ii Erich Bartel.
  37 M iii Heinrich Bartel.
  38 F iv Liese Bartel.

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