Descendants of Peter Bartel

Second Generation

2. Heinrich Bartel (Peter ) was born on 12/7/1842 in Graudenz, West Prussia. He died on 10/26/1908 in Bessie, Oklahoma. The cause of death was Cancer.

Heinrich married (1) Maria "Mariechen" in 1870 in Tshpiole/Spiolle, Russian Polland. Maria died in Dropsy.

They had the following children:

+ 9 M i Henry Bartel was born on 3/24/1872.
+ 10 M ii David Bartel was born in 1871.
  11 F iii Helena Bartel was born on 10/13/1873/1874 in Sprolle, Russian Poland.
        Helena married Benjamin C. Wholgemuth.
  12 F iv Eva Bartel was born on 3/5/1875 in Poland.
        Eva married Edward Megert.
  13 F v Aganetha Bartel was born on 6/28/1877/1882 in Checkanov, Poland.
        Aganetha married Gustav Jwarsky.

Heinrich married (2) Katharina Louise Voth daughter of David Voth and Gertrude Reimer Janzen Bergmann in 1904. Katharina was born on 11/30/1850 in Schoenau, West Prussia.

7. Johann P. Bartel "Jasch" (Peter ) was born on 2/20/1849 in Samocin, Russia Polland.

Johann married Aganeta Plenert daughter of Cornelius Plenert and Eva on 2/16/1873. Aganeta was born on 4/20/1851 in Czastkow/Couskow, Deutsch-Kasan, Poland.

They had the following children:

  14 M i Cornelius Bartel was born on 11/6/1873.
        Cornelius married Martha Schroeder.
  15 F ii Anna Bartel was born on 7/7/1875.
        Anna married George Schroeder.
  16 M iii Wilhelm Bartel was born on 7/23/1877. He died on 4/11/1880.
  17 F iv Maria Bartel was born on 12/11/1879.
        Maria married Cornelius H. schroeder.
  18 F v Eva Bartel was born on 4/1/1882.
        Eva married Henry J. Bartel son of Peter Bartel and Helena.
  19 F vi Matilda Bartel was born on 9/29/1884.
        Matilda married Henry Schmidt.
  20 M vii Johann Bartel was born on 3/6/1887.
        Johann married Susie Friesen.
  21 M viii Otto Bartel was born on 8/29/1889.
        Otto married Margaret Hiebert.
  22 M ix Wilhelm Bartel "Willie" was born on 7/13/1894.
        Wilhelm married Anna Unrue.

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