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In the summer of 2002, I was asked by a family geneticist to do some research for a particular medical issue. I had not really been very interested in my family tree so this seemed to be a bit of a chore to me. I sat down at the computer and began to do searches for anything I could find.

Much to my surprise, I met a number of people that had spent many years researching our heritage and had become authorities on the subject. Some of them had even gone to visit the homelands of our forefathers and visited with some of our long lost relatives.

It was becoming very obvious that the introduction of the Internet as bringing an entirely new dynamic to researching genealogies. The publication of documents such as the St. Petersburg Archives gave researchers a treasure trove of information that they didn't have in the past.

In the very recent years, it has become more than a suspicion that our forefathers immigrated from Switzerland to Germany about the 14th century. This revelation has let researchers back to the Internet to research territories that they had never personally visited before.

And that brings us to this web site. Most of us don't have the resources or the skills to do the research necessary to for this research. It can be very time consuming, may require travel, and often requires a comprehension of the German language.

So it has been my desire to take the hard work done by those that have excelled at it and to publish an authoritative collection of this information. I also have a good understanding of the value of collaboration. The success of this research can be greatly impacted by your input into the process. Your memories, stories, and photographs are very valuable to the family.

The genealogy "gatekeeper" makes the final decision as to what goes into the family tree. The research team works either independently or with others to generate data that is submitted to the gatekeeper. Entries that are agreed upon by the research team and the gatekeeper are then published to this site.

There are times when there are branches of the tree that are not fully validated. These branches are posted separately until they are either proven or disproven to be in our tree.

Care is taken to protect the information of the living generations. No family or personal information will be published on this site for anyone that is alive.

Thank you for your visit, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Fredrick R. Wiest